Medium Voltage Frequency Inverter

Medium Voltage Frequency Inverter will be supplied as completely wired cabinet unit ready to use in PWM Technology.

They meet the international rules and standards.


Standard Ratings:

  • Connection Voltage 3.000 - 11.000 V
  • Nominal Rating between 200 kW - 10.000 kW
  • Nominal Frequency 50 - 60 Hz


Main Application of our Medium Voltage Frequency Inverter:

  • Pump Drives
  • Blower Drives
  • Fan Drives
  • Transportation and Elevation Drives


Development Advantages of Medium Voltage Frequency Inverter:

  • Execution with 1700 V IGBTs
  • Efficiency over 97%
  • Diode Rectifier ensures Power factor >95%
  • Input Isolation Transformer included in the drive package

Please feel free to contact us for further informations.