High Voltage Motors

High Voltage Motors with Squirrel cage rotor or slip ring rotor will be build for nominal voltage between 3 KV and 11 KV Custom constructions deviating from these specs are possible for up to 13.8 KV in nominal voltage. Standard frequencies are 50 and 60 Hz.

High-voltage motors will be build with the following standard

IM B3 configuration for horizontal installation
IM V1 configuration for vertical installation
For special mounting arrangement please contact us or
use our detailed order sheet!

Standard types of cooling systems:
IC 411 (ribbon-cooled)
IC 611 (using air-air heat exchanger)
IC 81 W (using air-water heat exchanger)
IC 01 (open circuit air-cooled)

Ambient conditions according to IEC standard (deviations from
these, while by all means possible, need to be specified):

Ambient temperature 40°C max.
No direct exposure to sunlight
Relative humidity 80% max.
Installations at elevations of 1,000 m above sea level or less
Voltage stability: ± 5%
Frequency stability: ± 2 %

Please feel free to contact us for further informations.